Women and Banking, Finance for Farmers, and Successful Microfinance – Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere

> Posted by Center Staff
This edition of Top Picks includes topics on the history of the financial sector, particularly in context of women, financial services for rural and agricultural communities, and areas in which microfinance has succeeded. These posts offer a look into some of the very interesting discussions that are occurring outside of the Center.

  • What was banking like for women at the turn of the century? And why is it important to consider this history today? A recent post on the Financial Access Initiative blog, “Women in Banking“, briefly discusses the social components of financial services and offers some great resources for exploring the history of banking.  
  • A new post, “The Role of Markets in Rural and Agricultural Finance“, on the CGAP Microfinance blog, describes some innovative ways to reach rural farmers with financial services. This post is the first in a series that will explore in depth the area of finance in rural and agriculture sector.
  • Kadita Tshibaka, Opportunity International, recently wrote a blog post for Huffington Post that provides several concrete examples of the way the microfinance industry is working to create a sustainable financial sector for the underserved.  Be sure to check out this compelling post, “Yes, Microfinance Does Work. Here’s How…“.

Image credit: Ianf