'We Need to Keep Learning About Over-indebtedness' – Beth Rhyne on CGAP Microfinance Blog

> Posted by Center Staff
CFI Managing Director Beth Rhyne provides the CGAP Microfinance Blog series on over-indebtedness with its final post, which begins:
It is my privilege to close out this blog series which has been a wonderfully rich exploration of one of the most complex and consequential topics in microfinance.  I’m tempted just to sit back and say – I like what Rich wrote about the challenge of definitions and how Jessica illustrated the difficulty of drawing the line of “acceptable sacrifice” and the way Jacco laid out the responsibilities of various stakeholders. In fact, that’s largely what I propose to do, while taking up the overall theme of learning from research.
This series demonstrates the wide field of research emerging on over-indebtedness. Several of the contributors to the series are the first movers who have established tentative hypotheses and tested research methodologies.  We need more such studies to inform product design and policy making. Milton is skeptical that more knowledge will lead to better outcomes, and he does have a point…
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