Top Picks of the Blogosphere – December 20, 2010

> Posted by Michelle Romeu
While the reverberations from upheaval in Andhra Pradesh continue, other noteworthy projects are moving forward. Blogosphere picks:

  • Kiva is partnering up with FAI for a three-week educational series on the different aspects of microfinance. Check out their posts on microcredit and microsavings.
  • Tanaya Kilara explores the tendencies of Kenyan and Ghanaian youth at CGAP’s Microfinance blog as part of market research for the Youthsave project.
  • David Roodman writes up his thoughts on the “Microcredit Attack Documentary,” and follows up with the results of an investigation done by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which “closes the case” on a previous dispute between it and the Grameen Bank.
  • Dean Karlan, over at the Innovations for Poverty Action blog, links to a Financial Times piece on the crisis in India that he co-wrote with several other noted economists.