The Smart Campaign and MFTransparency Release New Tool, 'Putting Transparency into Practice: Communicating About Pricing'

> Posted by Center Staff
The Smart Campaign and MicroFinance Transparency (MFTransparency) have unveiled the new tool “Putting Transparency into Practice: Communicating About Pricing.”
The tool describes how financial service providers can observe the principle of transparency, notes current resources that exist to help providers understand and communicate their prices to clients, and points readers to where they can find more Smart Campaign tools and MFTransparency resources.
The Smart Campaign and MFTransparency are complementary efforts to increase transparency in the microfinance industry and institutionalize strong client protection practices in the sector.
While the Smart Campaign advances the Client Protection Principles, MFTransparency specializes in deep technical knowledge of one of those principles, “transparency,” and supports analysis of a second, “responsible pricing.” The Smart Campaign endorses the work of MFTransparency and promotes the use of their resources and expertise.
Image credit:  G Ambrus

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