The 2.7 Billion-Person Question: How Do We Define Financial Inclusion?

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With an estimated 2.7 billion people worldwide lacking access to financial services, the question of how we define financial inclusion is taking on increasing importance. Whose definition do we use? The Center‘s? CGAP‘s? Transact‘s? UNCDF‘s? There’s a lot on the line.
In a recent guest post on the USAID Microlinks blog, CFI Program Manager Rosita Najmi offers a tidy round-up of how the just-mentioned organizations set forth their definitions.
Approaching the topic of financial inclusion through the lens of the June 2 USAID Microlinks After Hours Seminar, she runs down the definition list, then highlights key perspectives of presenters Shari Berenbach (USAID), Sam Daley-Harris (Microcredit Summit Campaign), and Tilman Ehrbeck (CGAP).
Among the headlines from the presenters:

  • Know Your Clients…Better
  • An “Ecosystem” of Providers
  • Microfinance for Redemption
  • Inclusion Beyond Access

Najmi gives readers a brief tour of each of these ideas, and others, as they unfolded.
Interested in learning more? You can click here to read the presentation emerging from the After Hours event, “The State of Microfinance and Financial Inclusion: Thoughts from Industry Leaders.”
Better still, you can watch interviews with the presenters.
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