Lend me your ear…

> Posted by Kelley Mesa
Let your New Year’s resolution for 2010 be to subscribe to the Center’s podcast series!
The Center has a growing library of podcasts on topics ranging from microfinance and energy to client protection and housing innovations. The latest include some exciting, and quite musical, pieces by Paul Rippey…

  • Asif Dowla, Climate Change and Microfinance
    Asif Dowla talks with host Paul Rippey about the new paper, sponsored by Grameen Foundation and Oxfam USA, on Climate Change and Microfinance. Professor Dowla discusses how MFIs can “climate proof” their financial products, and of the importance of remittances and savings in a changing climate.
  • Jacob Moss and the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air
    In this 13th episode, Paul Rippey interviews Jacob Moss of the EPA, who has led the effort to create the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air. Jacob and Paul talk about stoves, including some breakthrough models that might change everything!

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And stay tuned for a new Energy Links podcast coming your way very soon…