Institutional Partnerships

Institutional partnerships with financial institutions, foundations, corporations and other organizations sustain our work.

Value of Partnership

Insights and Action on Financial Inclusion

Institutional partnerships are essential to advancing financial inclusion and core to sustaining everything we do.

As an independent, global think tank, we are uniquely positioned to pursue the challenges facing the financial inclusion community that aren’t a fit for traditional commercial or multilateral players. We work alongside our institutional partners, sharing our insights and generating action on how to advance financial inclusion. With your help, we will build a financially inclusive world.

Partner With Us

Let's work together to better serve, protect and empower clients and build a financially inclusive world.

Founding Partner

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has been a longstanding partner of Accion, and is the founding partner of CFI, helping to launch the think tank in 2008.

Its support has gone well beyond financial contributions, and has developed into a valuable relationship of mutual advice, referrals, and opportunities to engage public audiences.

For Credit Suisse, the longstanding relationship with Accion has allowed us to gain a deeper, research-based understanding of the challenges of financial inclusion and to be at the forefront of new developments, like fintech for financial inclusion. We highly value the cutting-edge work by Accion and its leadership, and our executives and clients appreciate Accion’s professional expertise and commitment.
Manuel Hörl, Head of the Credit Suisse Financial Inclusion Initiative

Interested in working together?

We can help you understand CFI's work and capabilities. Let's work together to contruct a mutually-beneficial and effective partnership.

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