FI2020 Aging and Financial Inclusion Roundtable

February 10, New York City, USA

Demographic analysis, as laid out in CFI’s paper, Looking through the Demographic Window and HelpAge International’s Global AgeWatch Index Insight Report, reveals the rapid aging of the population in low and middle income countries, which requires significant adjustments in how we ensure that the needs of older people are met, including in the area of financial services. This roundtable will bring together 40 experts from a variety of sectors to explore the role that financial services could play in meeting several of the most pressing needs related to aging, considering the reality that older people are often piecing together multiple income sources to make ends meet. It is the culmination of a year of research both primary and secondary source, funded by the MetLife Foundation and executed by the CFI and HelpAge, which aims to shift the dialogue so that the financial services needs of older persons become more salient considerations among both policy makers and service providers.


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