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Workarounds Don’t Work: Gender-Aware Financial Services Must Help Address Discriminatory Norms

What will it take for financial services to catalyze women’s economic empowerment? Making financial services and policy environments less inhibiting to discriminatory norms is a good place to start.

By Alex Kessler
Oct 18, 2021

Financial Inclusion Must Address Restrictive Social and Gender Norms

The archetypal story of Grace and Emmanuel helps illustrate these restrictive norms interacting with economic livelihoods at the household level.

By Alex Kessler & Julia Arnold
Aug 17, 2021

10 Things to Know About Nigerian MSMEs’ Experience with COVID-19

We’re by no means out of the woods, according to key takeaways from longitudinal research of microfinance clients in Lagos.

By Eric Noggle
Aug 12, 2021

Gender and Digital Worldviews: Divergent User Perspectives On Data Collection and Use

Recent interviews with low and middle-income men and women suggest women see data use violations far differently than men do, and that DFS providers should take this into account.

By Daryl Collins & Derry Moore
Jul 21, 2021

Digital Lending in Kenya: Willingness vs. Capacity to Repay

Capacity needs to be much more of a factor in high-tech decision-making about who gets a loan. How can this be done?

By Maria Gabriela Coloma Ponce de Leon
Jun 09, 2021

Inclusive Fintech 50 Launches 2021 Competition: Driving Innovation in an Era of Uncertainty

Winners will have access to support tools, enhanced networks, and will be recognized as trailblazers in inclusive fintech.

By Malika Anand
Jun 03, 2021

Reducing Bias in Algorithmic Decisions Cannot Rely on “Blind” Approaches

Exploring the challenges and tradeoffs of using sensitive attribute data for detecting discrimination in the context of evolving data protection norms and regulations

By Alex Kessler & Jacobo Menajovsky
May 25, 2021

Help Wanted: A Global Push Toward Algorithmic Fairness

A conversation with Sonja Kelly of Women’s World Banking and Alex Rizzi of CFI on why algorithmic bias is an important and timely topic.

By Alexandra (Alex) Rizzi & Sonja Kelly
Apr 27, 2021

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