Jacques Alexandres

CEO – VisionFund, DRC

Mr. Alexandres Lom is an experienced Executive leader with over 22 years of local and international experience in the financial sector in Cameroon and many African countries. He held among others, the CEO position in MFI’s in Nigeria, Malawi and DR Congo, he has also been Africa Development Director for MicroCred and Deputy Regional Director West and Southern Africa for VisionFund International. He worked in the creation of a Atlantique Bank Cameroon and the restructuring of Amity Bank Cameroon under temporary administration by the Central Bank as well as the acquisition of 80% shares of Opportunity International MFI in the DR Congo by VisionFund International. Mr. Alexandres Lom hold a MSc in Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). He has also followed a Microfinance certification program from the Central Bank of Nigeria and an Alumni of the School of African Microfinance (SAM). He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and an authorized officer of microfinance bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria and DR Congo.

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