Cornelius Michiel Mulder

CEO – Microloan Foundation

Corrie Mulder has been the CEO for MLF in Malawi for just over 2 years. Before joining MLF full time, he was a consultant, working in a team to create a turnaround strategy for the company. Starting with 19, 000 clients, a loan book of 675, 000 GBP, OSS of 68% and a PAR 30 of 23%, a major turnaround established 27,000 clients, a loan book of 1,200, 000 GBP, OSS of 95% and PAR 30 of 0, 7%. The Dalai Lama once said, “Our purpose is to help people, but if you cannot help them, at least, do not hurt them”. Corrie is passionate to help people and his personal motto for MLF is, “Every day we are better.

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